129th Street Residence

In 1996, WSFSSH assumed management of Rena’s Residence, an adult care facility in Harlem facing operational challenges. Renamed 129th Street Residence, WSFSSH stabilized the building within a year, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and appropriate services for residents. The facility, now owned and operated by WSFSSH, provides permanent housing for 95 formerly homeless individuals aged 40 and older, many living with mental illnesses. Offering affordable single or double rooms, along with congregate dining and 24-hour staff support, 129th Street Residence continues to serve as a vital community resource.

Building Overview


109 W 129th Street, New York, NY 10026

Date Opened

February 27, 1997

Number of Units

93 formerly homeless older persons with special needs living in a congregate care setting



General Contractor


Building Services

WSFSSH’s unwavering commitment ensures that crucial support services are available to residents, setting a precedent for compassionate care.

24 Hour Security
On-Site Laundry Services
Active Recreation Program
On-Site Social Work Services
Fire Alarms & Other Safety Features