Our Community

Nestled within the fabric of the neighborhoods we serve, WSFSSH shines as a beacon of unity and support for seniors. Here, community isn’t just a word: it’s a living, breathing testament to the bonds we share and the lives we touch.

“WSFSSH’s team shines in everything they do. Every building feels like home.”


The Heart of WSFSSH

At WSFSSH, our residents and the neighboring community of older adults we serve are at the heart of our mission. We provide a range of supportive services, to our seniors to enable them to live independently and thrive in the affordable housing we provide. Whether they’re managing chronic health conditions or simply enjoying the peace and security of their homes, each resident adds to the vibrant tapestry of our community. Together, we celebrate diversity, foster connections, and empower each other to live fulfilling lives.

Discover WSFSSH’s vibrant community, uniting residents and local seniors. Our lively Older Adult Centers provide meals and activities, fostering connections and camaraderie. Experience the spirit of our centers and their impact on the community.

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Our Dedicated Team

WSFSSH’s dedicated team is the backbone of our mission. From social workers to building managers, each plays a crucial role in seniors’ lives. With unwavering commitment, they guide residents from homelessness to stability, ensuring every individual thrives. Their hard work and compassion are the driving force behind our commitment to supporting our community.

Join Our Team

Paul Freitag

Executive Director

Claire Hilger

Deputy Director
and Chief Operating Officer

Ria Bustamante

Managing Director of
Clinical and Social Services

Steven deMarco

Managing Director of
Clinical and Social Services

Kristina Bustos

Managing Director of
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Allison Chaname

Managing Director
of Human Services

Suzanne Smith

Managing Director of
Congregate Care

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Sheldon J. Fine

President & Director

Father John Duffell

Vice President and Director

Hedwig O’Hara


Lynn Wishart


Pierre Downing


Abby Jo Signal


Tito Escobar