Euclid Hall

Originally constructed as luxury housing, Euclid Hall struggled to compete with more opulent apartments in the Upper West Side area. During World War II, it served as a residential hotel for affluent individuals. By 1989, it had deteriorated into a notorious site for crime. WSFSSH purchased the building with the aim of restoring it as safe and affordable single-room occupancy housing. When renovations began, the neighborhood initially expressed concerns and misinformation, but WSFSSH’s commitment to transparency and community involvement gradually shifted perceptions. Today Euclid Hall provides permanent housing and hosts WSFSSH administrative offices.

Building Overview


2345 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Date Opened

July 1, 1989

Number of Units

273 SRO (single room occupancy) units for persons with very low incomes, persons with experience of homelessness, and preexisting tenants


Cetra/Ruddy Architects

General Contractor

Sparrow Construction

Building Services

WSFSSH’s unwavering commitment ensures that crucial support services are available to residents, setting a precedent for compassionate care.

24 Hour Security
On-Site Laundry Services
Active Recreation Program
On-Site Social Work Services
Fire Alarms & Other Safety Features